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About Thornton Jr. High

Thornton Junior High School is located in North Fremont.  Students attending Ardenwood, Brookvale, Forest Park, Patterson, Oliveira, and Warwick Elementary Schools attend Thornton for the seventh and eighth grades before going to American High School for grades nine through twelve.  The student body at Thornton Junior High represents heritages from five continents and island nations. The many cultures and languages at Thornton are a strong reflection of American multiculturalism. Thornton Junior High has an enrollment of approximately 1330 7th and 8th grade students. 


The Thornton staff is comprised of dedicated professional educators who provide a demanding curriculum and challenging instructional strategies following the state standards for the teaching profession.  PLC's (Professional Learning Community) are essential in maintaining the high standards of Thornton.  PLC"s consist of  teams within each department that meet weekly to evaluate student learning and how to support students who have not mastered the subject matter.  Each meeting is focused on what essential standard the student should know and what the plan is for the students that need support.  In addition to PLC's, staff is continually attending  conferences, workshops, seminars and enrolling in higher education classes and programs.


The principal collaborates monthly with the other principals in the American attendance area. The focus of the collaboration is equitable teaching practices that provide challenging curriculum with opportunities for all students to learn. With that focus at all levels, students become aware that high expectations are the norm and perform accordingly.


A strong electives program includes: robotics, Minecraft,  leadership, dance, yearbook, French I and II, Spanish and Mandarin. Music electives include: chorus, beginning band, concert band, and symphonic band.  Art electives include: ceramics, arts and crafts, and lettering/calligraphy.  Through visual and performing arts classes students demonstrate their creativity in the following forms:
  •  Winter and Spring Music Concerts 
  •  Spring Drama performance 
  •  Bands compete at local and state levels 
  •  Art work displayed locally 
  • Art competition at the county level
After school academic enrichment, in cooperation with parent volunteers, is offered in math, science and geography. 
Thornton has a very active PTSA who meets monthly to plan and support programs and activities that help staff and 
students in being successful. The PTSA raises funds, recruits volunteers, and organizes events and celebrations for the 
school and students. 
We are dedicated to the social development and academic success of all students. 
Thornton Junior High School's Mascot: The Thunderbolt