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9/14/20 5:56 PM
3/10/21 3:48 PM

SDC Moderate

: Ms. Mirabella
    Phone: (925) 587-3957‬

Course Description
The Moderate SDC class is set up to teach functional life skills to students with special needs. Functional language arts, math, and social skills will be taught through a varied curriculum and hands-on projects.
Distance Learning
This school year will begin via distance learning. Class materials and assignments will be available on School Loop. Live instruction and office hours will occur Zoom. 

Preparing for your Zoom class.
1.  Eat breakfast and set up your desk or work area.
2.  Dress appropriately when you are in the Zoom class.
3.  Log into Zoom on mute, but leave your camera on.
4.  Be mentally prepared to spend your day being active learners.

Student Responsibilities
1.  Attend and participate in your classes via live instruction on Zoom.
2.  Keep your login information safe and do not share it with others.
Homework will be any incomplete work that students do not finish in class. Specific homework assignments are not assigned. Homework is intended to be something students can do at home with minimal supervision and a way for students to share what they are learning in class with family at home.
Students will receive either or a pass or fail grade.
General Expectations
  • Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline.
  • Students shall not conduct audio or video recordings or take screenshots of virtual class meetings or activities. Per CA Ed. Code 51512, using an electronic device to record all or parts of class without the approval of the teacher is illegal.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate classroom behavior during the Zoom classes. If a problem persists with a child, then the administrators will be asked to assist which may result in school-wide consequences.
Syllabus/procedures/expectations subject to change if we move to a different learning model.