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9/14/20 5:56 PM
3/10/21 3:48 PM

SDC Moderate

: Ms. Mirabella
    Phone: (925) 587-3957‬

Course Descriptions:

English Curriculum

In this class, we will continue to build our English Language Arts skills. Throughout the year, we will work on intensive spelling and vocabulary, the various genres of writing, as well as reading numerous types of literature. These abilities will be developed within the context of different literature units and focus on each student’s IEP goals. 

U.S. History Curriculum

8th grade History covers the history of our country from exploration to the Civil War.  Students learn the reasons settlers came to America, where and how they settled, and how the country grew.  They will learn the organization and function of the government, with an emphasis on the U.S. Constitution. We will learn about the industrial revolution and how our country changed from an agrarian society. 


Homework is assigned three to four times a week.  It is designed to be an extension of classroom learning tasks, and should not take more than 20 to 30 minutes per class to complete.  If your student struggles with an assignment, please contact me. 

Grading Scale            

89-100   A               

79-88     B               

69-78     C               

59-68     D               

58 and below    F  

School Success


There are a few things that all students need in order to be successful at school.  If your son or daughter starts the day with these things, he/she is well on his/her way to realizing his/her goals for learning.  Please help us and them by checking to be sure they have:


Pencils, pens, erasers

Paper: standard, lined, and college-ruled paper

Binder or equivalent organizational system

Homework agenda (provided by school)

Google Classroom loaded onto personal/home device

Infinite Campus Portal login

Completed homework

A good attitude

Syllabus/procedures/expectations subject to change.