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8/21/20 2:36 PM

C Denning


How do I get an instrument from the school?



We will be discussing instruments during the class. Returning band students will be able to pick out an instrument earlier than beginning students. I need to make sure the returning students have the instrument they need. Beginning band students will be able to choose instruments  after the returning students. If you have your own instrument, of course you already have the one you will be using and don't need to borrow from the school.

We will not be picking up instruments until at least the week of September the 8th. We need to pick instruments and create a schedule to. make sure we all stay safe. Instrument pick up may be a longer slower process this year than last year. This will not affect your grade. Take a breath and chill and we shall get through this. Don't panic because you can't get an instrument in the first week - this is a completely different type of school year. It'll happen and everything will be fine. Check the syllabus (above) for more information about this coming school year.