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Ms. V
Ms. V

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L. Van Osdol

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Apps for Homework Management

As new seventh-graders enter the first few weeks of school, it will become the students' responsibility to juggle the workload for all their classes. While time managerment is not the easiest of tasks, here are some suggested apps that could be used along with School Loop (the platform used by TJHS):

  • iStudiez Pro (I used this personally)
  • My Study Life
  • myHomework
  • wunderlist (which can be managed by multiple accounts, a plus for parents)

All of these apps send out reminder notifications, can be linked to calendar apps on iOS and Android, and are simple to use for any student.

Contact Information


Room 44


Use LoopMail for e-mail.


Office Hours on Thursdays from 2:40 to 4:00 or by appointment


Please check School Loop regularly for assignments, posted grades, and messages.

Class Schedule

Per. 1: World History

Per. 2: PREP

Per. 3: World History

Per. 4: World History

Per. 5: AVID 7

Per. 6: World History