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H SCIENCE 7 (1) Locker
12/16/12 1:45 PM


Balancing Chemical Equations!

Save the World Project Tips

What am I looking for in a "A+" Save The World Project?

* The drawings are illustrating all of the information in the writing.


1.  The world problem is clearly described.  Think What, Where, When, Why, How

* The reader should have a clear idea of how big and how serious this problem is.

* There should be numbers that describe the size of the problem, the cost in money, the numbers of people and animals affected.

*  Explain how this problem is increasing, (if it is).

*  Just the description of the problem should take 3 to 6 panels of the comic.

2.  Describe who is being affected by this world problem.

*  The reader should have a clear idea of  Who is affect by this world problem.

*  Describe some specific examples of how people, animals and/or plants are affected by this world problem.

*  If there are specific locations where this problem is extremely bad, you should talk about how life there will be affected.

3. Explain what is causing this world problem.

*  The reader should be able to explain the causes, be sure to carefully explain and draw any word that most  students do not know.

*  It is important to really explain the causes completely.  The next project will look at the solutions.  We need to understand the causes very well to figure out the solutions.

*  Add more specific details, specific examples, show your understanding.

Ecotipping Point Pesticide Trap Video and Article

Grasshopper and Crayfish Anatomy Website

Scroll down until you find the videos and interactive pictures.  Very cool site!

The Desert Locust

This article is from National Geographic

Introduction to Insects Slide show

Insects of California Slide Shows

Click on the groups of insects to the right of the picture and a slide show will cycle through that shows you all of the common members of that group of insects.

Bad Arthopod Stings and Bites! Slide Show

Measuring Practice

Look in the Locker to your left to find measurement worksheets and websites with measuring games.  The more you practice, the easier this skill will become.  This is a skill you will use your whole life!

Graphing Rubric for Single-line Graphs

Single-Line Graph Rubric

  1.  X axis properly labeled with units.
  2.  X axis numbered properly, equal intervals, starts from zero if appropriate.
  3.  Y axis properly labeled with units
  4.  Y axis numbered properly, equal intervals, starts from zero if appropriate.
  5.  Title tells both the manipulated variable and the responding variable.
  6.  The data is graphed correctly.

Science Fair - Helpful Hints!

Please go to the Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair Website.  Look at past projects that have won and then you change them slightly to answer a question that has not yet been answered.   There are many resources at that website to help you.

Go to take the topic wizard survey, search this site.  It is excellent.

Save The World Project - Tips