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Random Acts of Kindness 

Students this is a two part extra credit assignment (optional). The first objective is a 2-3 short summary of the task/ act of kindness performed, where, and who you helped.   Please make sure you’re your random act is something that requires at least 10 or 15 mins to complete.  If you choose an act that does not require a lot of time,(i.e. opening the door for others) simply perform it all day and for multiple people. The second objective is a well written paragraph (5-6 sentences).  In this paragraph I would like you to explain how performing the acts made you feel as well as the person/s you helped (i.e. Did they smile? Say thank you? Did you do something for you?

For full credit student will complete two random acts.  One should happen on campus and the other should happen at home.  Paragraphs should be well thought out and contain a minimum of 5-6 sentence.  Assignment is due no later than Wednesday April 17th. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!


Ideas for random acts:

-Writing your favorite teacher a positive letter to make their day

-Opening the door for people over the course of the day

-Help tutor someone who needs help in a class

- Having lunch with a special education student

-Carrying bags for someone on crutches

-Help mom and dad around the house (i.e dishes, laundry, cleaning your room without being asked)

*Please get creative so that we don’t have everyone doing the same thing.  Use or for other ideas



Students, If you raised more than $100 for the Thunder Run fundraiser please show up at the large gym friday at lunch so we can celebrate your hard work together.  We will be providing pizza and will have a raffle for some 7" Kindle Fires.  As of now you have a 1/4 chance of winning.  If you can't make an appearance, NO WORRIES your name will still be entered in the raffle. If you have questions come see me. 

Please also sign up for my FLEX period incase we run over time!

Best regards,

Mr. Murchison


Please check grades!



please double check grades and email me if something is entered wrong. In addition if you are not happy with your grade please come see me so I can help you!

     -Mr. Murchison

Thunder Run Information Form


Parents students, If you would like to donate for the thunder run there still is time!  As a staff we have decided to extended the final day we would take donations until Nov. 1st . 






Thunder Run Information Form


Student and Parents,

The Thunder run is just two weeks away on Oct 18th and 19th. Please help us spread the word! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Over the last 3 years we have raised over $55,000.  This money was used to purchase google chromebook carts for classes. It also has gone to replenish and replace new equipment in P.E (including our blacktop basketball courts, and various pieces of new equipment). 

In addition, this year, due to our success with this fundraiser, our department has decided to allocate money for each individual department (math, science, english, spanish, art. band, history, etc). So they, like us, can improve their classroom environment and better support your students learning needs.

 The most important piece of the fundraiser is knowing that your contribution will directly impact your son/daughter this year!  We do not save this money for years down the road. We work to find new ways to improve our classrooms, equipment, student experience and of course student learning! 

We greatly appreciate your time and help with this fundraiser. Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Best regards,

Mr. Murchison

Kickball Positions Quiz


Students below I have attached a link to your Kickball Positions Quiz.  Please complete your quiz by this friday 9/28. No late submissions will be accepted.


Kickball Quiz Link

Students REMINDER!


Students, don't forget to bring $20 bucks for your uniforms Thursday.  Remember Shirts and Shorts are required for all students. Sweat shirt and sweat pants are not required ($15 each). 


Friday all papers that need to be signed by parents need to be returned for full credit. This includes: The Medical Form, The Grading Scale, and the Student Contract. No credit will be given for papers turned in after friday.