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Learning Platforms/Links


Google Classroom 

J. DeFrance


Email: or Schoolloop

Phone: (510) 793-9090 x58011



Distance Learning:

This school year will begin online through distance learning. Class materials and assignments will be uploaded and available to students in Google Classroom. Students are responsible for checking Google Classroom and School Loop daily.  Live instruction will occur every period through scheduled Zoom meetings.  In addition, I will also be available during office hours (see above schedule) for additional support and/or questions.  Students can contact me through School Loop.  

It is important for students to be physically and mentally prepared to learn.  With that in mind, students should consider preparing for their Virtual School Day the same way they would prepare if we were attending school in person:

  • Plan a good wake up time, giving yourself plenty of time to get ready.
  • Get dressed, eat breakfast, and set up your desk/work area free from distractions.
  • Be mentally prepared to spend your school day being active learners. 
  • Be physically prepared for your school day by having necessary materials ready.
  • When you login to your classes, enter them on mute, but leave your camera on.
  • Although we are in a virtual setting, we will actively learn as if we were physically together in my classroom.  

General Expectations:

  • Students should not share their login information, meeting links, or passwords with others.
  • Students should only participate in assigned virtual meetings.
  • To the extent possible, students should participate in virtual instruction from a quiet and neutral area that is free of distractions.
  • Limit food and drinks around technology. 
  • To the extent possible, parents should allow the student to work with the instructor or provider in a quiet, private space. 
  • School and classroom rules apply to the virtual instruction environment. 
  • Students should dress appropriately for virtual instruction sessions.  
  • Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline.
  • Per CA Ed. Code 51512, using an electronic device to record all or parts of class without the approval of the teacher is illegal; therefore, students shall not conduct audio/video recordings or take screenshots of virtual class meetings or activities.
  • Once the virtual instruction session or meeting is over, students should be sure to close out of the meeting platform entirely.
  • Students should also ensure that cameras are covered and that microphones are turned off to avoid inadvertent transmission following the meeting. 
  • All students should review the Parent/Guardian & Student Handbook and Handbook Addendum.  

Class/Zoom Meeting Expectations

  • All virtual class meetings will be held in Zoom and follow the TJHS bell schedule.
  • Log in to Zoom meetings at the time your class begins.  
  • Attendance will be taken every period, including tardies.
  • Students must have their full name displayed when attending Zoom Meetings.
  • Join meetings with your camera on, so you can be seen and your microphone off. You will be instructed when to turn it on. 
  • Students MUST have their camera turned on during the entirety of the class meeting. 
  • If a student misses a class Zoom meeting due to an absence it is the student’s responsibility to review the classroom notes/assignments that are posted in Google Classroom. If the student has questions about the material, they will need to attend office hours.
  • Students are responsible for reaching out to their teachers with questions or concerns related to their academic needs.
  • Students are responsible for turning their assignments in properly and on time.
  • Students must practice academic honesty and present original work. 

Online Etiquette:

  • Respect others and their opinions. 
  • Think before you hit the send button or post
  • Stick to the point and class/subject related topics.
  • Avoid typing in all CAPS
  • During class Zoom meetings, students must refrain from using their cell phones or electronic devices for purposes of texting, social media, and other any activity not related to the class discussion.
  • If a students fails to meet these expectations:

    • 1st incident. Student warning. 

    • 2nd incident. Parent will be contacted

    • 3rd incident. Referral to admin.

Tips for success:

  • Create a designated work/study space.

    • sufficient lighting

    • comfortable seating

    • adequate space to work

    • close to an outlet

    • distraction free

  • Consider using headphones if working in a shared space.
  • Make sure to eat lunch during the lunch break and drink water throughout the day.
  • Take movement breaks.  Get up, stretch, and move around between classes.
  • Save links to classes and office hours in a location that you can access quickly and easily.
  • Bookmark frequently used sites.
  • Stay organized.  Utilize your TJHS Agenda and use a binder with dividers, folders, and/or Google Drive/folders to keep assignments organized and easy to locate. 
  • Have a printed copy of the TJHS bell schedule in your work space.
  • Set alarms/reminders to ensure that you are on time to classes and office hours.

*Syllabus/procedures/expectations subject to change if we move to a different learning model*