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S. Bewley Locker

Class Assignments

Above-listed assignments may be reprinted for extra practice

School Loop Note

  • Grading weight and categories for the Art sections will be consistent with the School Loop setting for the class.
  • Please continue to watch your calendars for scheduled due dates for assignments, tests, and projects.

S. Bewley


Welcome to Art Class!


Room 41 Contact Information


     Telephone:  (510) 793-9090, extension 58041 after school


 Classes Scheduled


     Period 1 -   Arts & Crafts 

     Period 2  -  Prep Period

     Period 3  -  Arts & Crafts

     Period 4  -  Arts & Crafts

     FLEX Days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

     Period 5  -  Drawing & Painting

     Period 6  -  Drawing & Painting


Museum Adventures

Students are encouraged to visit art museums to enhance their appreciation of all types of art.

Educational Background


    Credentialed in Art, History, English, and Multiple Subjects Grades K-9,

    BCLAD in Spanish, CLAD Certified, GATE Certified,

    Masters and Doctoral Degree

 Additional Responsibilities
    Garden Club - Lunchtime
Drawing image.jpg
Painting image 2.jpg