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1/20/21 5:52 PM

G. Biles



I teach English 7 and English 7 Honors.

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Turning in Work:

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Thornton Junior High School                                                                                                                                    English 7 & 7H at Thornton follows the California Common Core State Standards. These standards include the areas of (1) Reading (2) Writing (3) Written and Oral Communications, and (4) Listening and Speaking.

They can be found on the website:



Students will read three assigned novels and one drama selection, during class and for homework. Assigned books include The Pearl by John Steinbeck, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett and Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. Students will also read one approved chapter-book of their own choosing per quarter. Novels and non-fiction selections are augmented with short stories, plays, short non-fiction selections, folk tales, and poetry located in the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, California Collections textbook. Additional novels and reading selections may be assigned, based upon time available. All classes are supplemented with worksheets, discussions and activities, including vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, and literary analysis. The class also prepares students for English Language Arts Common Core testing, and the FUSD Writing Assessment.



Homework consists of short writing assignments or exercises (Monday-Thursday) Friday Book Reports and quarterly essays. Please see the TJHS Agenda for exceptions. Nightly homework should not exceed 30 minutes for all class activities, and absent work must be turned in in a timely manner (students are allowed one extra day for each day of absence). There is no weekend homework.



In order for all students to meet our national reading goal of one million words during their 7th grade year, they are required to read one chapter book per quarter, outside of class. Students may choose their fiction or non-fiction selections within our class guidelines. This reading is done in addition to other homework. Students track their progress by submitting Friday Book Reports. The report requires each student to report on 15 minutes of outside reading per day (5 times a week). Friday Reading Reports which are not turned in on time are discounted 20%. The Friday Reading Reports make up a large portion of a student’s homework grade. Recommended reading selections are grade-level chapter books, approved by the teacher, or selections from the California Department of Education and the Thornton Library.


Recommended Literature list. This list is found by going to:



Students will continue to learn the mechanics of good sentences and strong paragraphs, and structures for constructing basic, five-paragraph essays in the following categories: (1) argumentative essays (2) expository essays (3) narrative essays (4) and letters, research reports, and summaries. Essays and reports are to be submitted in the MLA format, consisting of typed, 12 point, Times-New-Roman font; double-spaced on white paper; with 1” margins all around.



A strong emphasis is placed on the eight parts of speech, the parts of sentences, and on writing conventions. Grammar instruction is normally a part of each daily class.



Students seeking an “A” grade must submit one, outside reading extra-credit book-report per quarter/two per semester. (This is a requirement for an “A” — not a guarantee of one). Students must complete all classwork and assigned homework at a 90% level or higher, to qualify. Students are expected to actively participate in class. An “A” is the highest grade possible for an assignment or for the class, as this grade earns the student all possible credit toward their ‘grade-point-average.’ (There are no “A+” grades).

Letter grades break down as follows:

“A, A-” grades begin at, and are dependent upon obtaining a 90% cumulative score on written assignments and testing.

*An extra-credit book report (above) is required to earn an “A”.

“B+, B, B-”      grades begin at 80%

“C+, C, C-”      grades begin at 70%

“D+, D, D-”     grades begin at 60%

Grades are weighted and arrived at in the following manner:

      Assessments                             =          50%                      (including Tests, Quizzes, and Essays)

      Assignments                              =          25%

      Reading                                      =          10%                        (including Reading Reports)

      Speaking and Listening            =          15%

      Participation (discretionary, based on                    observation and recording)

Grades can be accessed on-line, via the School-Loop program:


Testing is announced in advance, and not normally given at the beginning of, or at the end of, a school week. However, there may be some exceptions.

Quizzes are given at any time, on any day, at the teacher’s discretion.


There will be one extra-credit book report per quarter (described above). This is the only extra- credit assignment, except that non-Honors students may participate in Honors-required activities for extra-credit. The EC Book Report is a requirement for an “A.” Students not seeking an “A,” who do not participate in extra-credit, will not have their (non-“A” grades) affected by not participating in extra-credit.

Late Turn-ins

Students are allowed to turn in late work that is one-week late, except as allowed by the teacher (under special circumstances). Late work will be discounted up to 20% off of the earned grade. Excused Absences allow the student one extra day per absence, to turn in late work for full credit.


All of the rules and guidelines described in the Student Agenda apply to student behavior and discipline.

Homework and Friday Reading Reports

Homework is assigned in class everyday, and students are expected to follow their assignments in Google Classroom. In addition, students are expected to read an outside chapter book (teacher/parent approved and grade-level appropriate). They need to read a minimum of 15-20 minutes each night (5 days a week, excepting holidays) from their outside reading book and complete a Friday Reading Report at the end of each week. (See above)