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Choir is the only semester-long class offered here at Thornton and is open to students of all singing abilities and knowledge levels. We focus on music theory and proper singing techniques.

There are three different Band classes during the day that your student can sign up for. Beginning Band, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band.

Beginning Band is for students with little to no prior knowledge about band, or for students that want to learn a new instrument. Beginning Band goes through the fundamentals of learning music with music theory (reading and writing music) being at the forefront of our learning. This is where we start learning how to play an instrument and the material might feel a little slow-going at the beginning of the year while everyone is getting to know their instruments. The pace of learning picks up quickly once everyone is comfortable playing.

Concert Band is for students who have been playing for about a year and are already confident playing their instruments. We still learn music theory, and the pace is a little quicker in this class than in the beginning classes.

Symphonic Band is for students who already have a lot of experience on their instrument, typically they have been playing for well over a year and are in their second, third, or even fourth year of playing. This class moves fast through the materials, and students need to be able to pick up and process new information quickly. This band is the most advanced band we offer here at Thornton.

Jazz Band is an after-school playing group that is open to Concerts, Symphonic, and past students. Jazz band players are required to have prior knowledge of their instruments. Jazz band is where students learn about different styles of music than are typically used in class. We focus on the Jazz genre, which developed in the American South in the 1920s and 1930s, whereas the in-school classes focus on the more traditional Western style of music.

We do not offer any strings classes here at Thornton, however, strings like the violin, cello, and bass are welcomed to join the band and enhance the experience. Sadly, there are no guitar classes, and guitar is difficult to add to band since there is not very much music written for the guitar and band that is playable at our level of experience.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Denning at