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Daily Bulletin - 4/30/2018



Monday, April 30th, 2018

*Student Section*


  • Students do you have overdue library books?  You might want to check your account online or go to the library and ask Mrs. Hammill or a Library Club member.


  • The Library Club will be hosting our last pizza raffle for the school year today you can earn up to four raffle tickets if all your library books are turned in.


  • WEB /TUPE Teams that performed the TUPE presentations, there will be a brief meeting at lunch, on Tuesday, in the locker room! Thanks for all your hard work!!! Good job!!  Thank you, Mrs. DeTar


  • Attention Music Club !!! Meeting today at Lunch in the Music Room.  Thanks !!! Mr. G


  • Attention 7th Graders !!! If you already play an instrument or even if you don't and you just like music.....  Why not try a Band Instrument next year ? There are current openings in Mr. G's Beginning Band classes for Fall 2018. The classes meet everyday, so we move way faster than the Elementary After School Program. The class also does its own Great America Field Trip each May !!!  Just pick up a Band questionnaire from Mrs. Harden in the business office, fill it out and return it to the office. You can also contact one of the Assistant Principals Mrs. Renoir or Mrs. Watson Bird. Thanks !!!


  • School play Stage Crew applications in the business office. Meeting Thursday at lunch.


  • Reminder:  If you have a red pass you must attend Academic Recovery in room 37 at lunch today.


  • Homework Club will be held in room 46 today, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:45 until 3:15.


  • Victory occurred last Friday for Thornton’s Roller Coaster Engineering Club at California’s Great America.  We went up against 24 other model roller coasters from many different schools across California. Thornton Roller Coasters are still on a 4-year undefeated winning streak!   First place was Janie K., Monica S., Jade W. and Cassandra Z. for their Circus coaster. Second place was Brandon L., Larry Z., Skylesha M., and Rebecca C. for their Disney Coaster.  Third place was Shravan N., Prachi K., Varsana I., and Peter L for their King Kong City coaster! Ayush P., Raymond T., Anuraag M., and Aarnav S. also did an outstanding job for their coaster, Jurassic World.  Congratulations to all!


  • Roller Coaster Engineering Club members...Please come after school to Ms. Harker's room today and Tuesday to help clean up your coasters!


  • The dedicated members of Thornton's Green Team invite you to stop by and enjoy the flowering Garden during our warm spring days and to celebrate that everyday is Earth Day.  We are providing a natural habitat for trans migratory Bees, Butterflies and other essential insects and native flowers like the California State Flower - The California Mission Bell Poppy.  Remember to look for any opportunity to reuse, recycle and reduce and to leave things better than you found them.

Posted by: M. Harden-SYS Published:4/27/18
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