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Daily Bulletin - 4/24/2018



Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

*Student Section*


  • Hoops for Heart Facts of the Day:

    • Did you know that each day, 3,000 children in the U.S. begin smoking? The average first-time smoker is 12 1\2 years old and becomes a daily smoker by 18!

    • The average smoker spends over $700 a year on cigarettes.  If you put the money that a smoker spends on cigarettes each year into a savings account at 5% interest, you would have more than $25,000 after 20 years.


  • The JuniorAct Club will meet today in room 40 at lunchtime.  Everyone is invited to attend.


  • Homework Club will be held in room 46 today and Thursday from 2:45 until 3:15.


  • Hello 7 Grade T-Bolts:  We will be having a meeting tonight for our Washington D.C. and New York trip for next spring break.  If you’re interested come to the big gym at 6pm tonight or see Mr. Jones in room 43.


  • WEB / TUPE meeting at lunch today.  Those fabulous students who came to the meeting yesterday (and for those partners that were unable to attend), there will be a super quick meeting with an short update on the presentations today at lunch in the girls locker room:)  This meeting will be instead of meeting Weds morning before school. Thank you, Mrs. DeTar


  • Congratulations Thornton Bands !!! The Concert and Symphonic Bands had a very successful Disneyland Field  Trip last weekend. The Concert Band placed first in its category and received an Excellent rating at the Music in the Parks festival at Disneyland. The Symphonic Band also placed first in it's category with a Superior rating.  The Symphonic Band also won best overall band at the festival. Both bands also won the Espirit de Corps award at the festival. Congratulations Thunderbolts !!! Great Job !!!


  • Library Club meeting will be held Wednesday at brunch in the library, the library will be closed to all other students.  The library will be closed Wednesday after school.


  • Announcing the next upcoming Thornton’s Newspaper:  The yearbook class is back with volume 3. It will be available at the library tomorrow.  Free of charge.

Posted by: M. Harden-SYS Published:4/23/18
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