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OPENING WEEK:  Welcome new and returning parents and students.   We have just completed our first week and I am very happy to report things went well. Thornton   Our staff has been very eager to get the school year started with your students.


STUDENT BULLETIN:  Parents please read the student bulletin that is posted on Schooloop daily.  A hard copy is posted outside the business office.  Students should listen to the daily bulletin during their 4th period class.


TRAFFIC:  The biggest glitch, as it is every year, is the traffic.  Please practice patience.  Thornton Avenue is considered a highway and is extremely congested and dangerous.  Please do not pick up or drop off your student in the middle of the street.  The sidewalk in front of Thornton is a no parking zone so please do not pull over and wait for you student.  We will not allow students to stand along the curb waiting for their ride.   The best suggestions I can offer is to leave earlier for school, find carpools or walk to school, but safety must be paramount in whatever you choose.


SCHEDULES:   This weekend we will be looking at the class sizes and adjusting things. Your child may come home over the next week and tell you their schedule has changed.  The subject WILL NOT change, but the teacher and the period may.   Please do not come in and ask for a new elective.  We are only balancing class sizes with these moves.


LIBRARY:  Welcome our new Librarian Mrs. Hammill.   The library is now open from 7:30-3:00 on regular school days.  At Back to School Night, September 17th, please visit the book Fair in the library. All proceeds are used to buy new books.  Remember to bring some cash or your checkbook as PTSA will doing a “Pass The Hat” donation drive at the Back To School Night meeting in the large gym.


AFTER SCHOOL SCIENCE:  We are very happy to have SCMALL Science after school again.  It will be on Mondays from 2:30-3:30.   Please stay tuned for sign-ups as this is very popular and is filled on a first come first serve basis.  Please do not come in yet.  Announcements will be in the bulletin.

PTSA:  Thank you PTSA for your continued support and volunteers on MAZE.    Our first PTSA Meeting will be September 3rd at 7:00 in the library.  Remember it is never too late to join or donate.


GIRLS VOLLEYBALL:  Open gym will be coming soon so please pay attention to the announcements on information regarding girls’ volleyball.  We are in need of a Boys Basketball coach so please contact Mr. Hicks if you are interested.

Lunch info for 2014/2015

Please be informed that effective the school year 2014-15, reduced meals have been removed from all elementary and secondary schools. There will only be free meals and paid meals.


Effective the school year 2014-15, the cost of paid lunch meals at the Elementary Schools will be $3.00 and the cost of paid lunch meals at the Secondary Schools will be $3.50.


Both these proposals were submitted and passed at the Board Meeting held on June 4th, 2014.


Adult lunches effective 2014-15 will cost $4.00.



Clipper Youth Apps and AC Transit July Fare Changes

·         AC Transit removed the requirement for a photo ID on Youth Clipper cards last fall, making it much easier to get a card.
·         New options for submitting Youth Clipper card applications are now available. Families can now apply by mail, email, or fax (or still in person at the downtown Oakland AC Transit office).
·         On July 1, AC Transit will implement significant fare changes, including introducing a Day Pass and eliminating transfers. The price of single-ride cash fares and the Youth 31-Day Pass will stay the same. New discounts will be offered on Clipper.
We ask that you disseminate this information in one or more ways:
·         Forward this email with its attachments to your parent/student email list
·         Print out the flyer and application form attached, and make them available to your students and parents (flyer is attached here in color and black & white; forms are in English, Spanish, or Chineseplease choose whichever makes sense for you!)
·         Post this email as an announcement on your school website with links to the flyer and application forms in English, Spanish, and/or Chinese.  See news on right hand website page for attachments!!!
We want all students and their families to take advantage of the youth pass, discounted fares, and the convenience of the automatically loaded Day Pass. It all starts with getting a Clipper card—and it’s now easier than ever to do it!
If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. You’ll also find more information about the fare change in general at
Thanks for your assistance.
AC Transit Marketing & Community Relations